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    How do I add a new payment method?

    In Tutus you can pay with credit card, Paypal, iDeal and cash payment options.

    There are two ways to add your credit card:

    Scan your credit card;

    Using your phone's camera, take the entire card visible on the photo frame. The fact that the photo is clear will automatically add all card information. If the information on your card is not embossed characters, you should enter your information manually.

    Enter credit card information manually;

    Enter your card number, expiration date, and CVV code for your credit card, then touch “Save”

    Note: In order to receive a quick payment from your card, your card limit must be sufficient, your card must be open for online transactions and for transactions without 3D secure.

    Add Paypal Account;

    To define the Paypal payment option, enter your e-mail address and password that you have defined in Paypal. Once your Paypal account has been saved, you can view your defined Paypal account in the payment options.

    Add iDeal Account;

    When you pay for a trip, you can pay by using the payment page to be opened after you select iDeal from the payment options, or by using the application of your bank, if any, installed on your phone.

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